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I hope you are all having a lovely week. Today's post is back to the beauty stuff! It's a bit of a makeup testing/swatching post which I hope you'll all like. So Primark recently released their 'Nudes' collection and when I saw it I was very excited. The packaging is a lot more neutral than their usual stuff and I was especially excited about the lip products as nude colours are my weakness. I feel like the whole collection was inspired by Kim Kardashian's makeup products as the packaging is very similar and also 'nude'. 

When deciding what to buy I'll admit, I struggled! All the lip products tempted me and they had lip kits which looked amazing. I decided to go for one lip product, one eye product and one face product. 

Firstly, the matte lipstick. In the store I visited there were three different colours to choose from. I opted for the darkest one called 'In the Buff'. For me, one of the others was way too light and would've given a 'concealer lips' appearance, and the other was just too pink for me. The price of the lipstick was £1.50(!) which is probably the cheapest lipstick I've bought in a long time. Upon application I was SO impressed. The lipstick is so easy to apply and goes on so smoothly which I was so surprised about. I was expecting it to be both flakey and cakey, and it's neither! The pigmentation is amazing and I am obsessed with the colour. In terms of staying power I am also impressed. I was expecting it to flake off throughout the day but it really hasn't and only required a touch up or two. I would totally recommend this lipstick as for £1.50 you can't go wrong!


So the next thing I tried was the contour palette. I chose this as it included a gorgeous blush shade as well as powders for contour and highlight. The palette was £4.00 which I thought was pretty good for four powders. Upon appearance I was so excited to try this however I must admit, I'm disappointed. I like the blush and the highlighter 'Pure', however I found the pigmentation very poor and I had to build up just to get a good colour. I think the other highlighter 'Polar' may be great for inner corner highlight or a brow bone highlight but (personally) I wouldn't recommend it for highlighting cheekbones. The contour shade had a better pigmentation however I found it hard to blend and ended up looking a little streaky. Overall it's okay, however no where near as good as the matte lipstick.
Swatches: In the Buff (Top)
Enchanted Metallic eye cream (Below)
The final product I bought was the Metallic eye cream. The store only had two shades, a pinky toned colour and the golden one which I opted for. I love eye creams for using as a base for eyeshadow or even using them on their own so was excited to try it. I swatched it before application and OMG it's amazing!! The pigmentation is insane and the colour is so pretty. The formula is smooth and blendable and I'm beyond impressed, and they only cost £2. I've been pretty much wearing it daily since I've bought it and I love it so much. Next time I visit Primark I will 100% be getting any of the other colours they have. The formula is similar to MAC paint pots however a fraction of the price, yay! The picture above is the eye cream after one swatch.

Overall, I am so impressed by this makeup range from Primark. I definitely want to try out more, maybe one of the lip kits or eye kits. Let me know if there's any Primark products you'd recommend me trying and I'll be sure to! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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