A Weekend in Paris

Hi Everyone!

It's a long time since I've posted. The stress and work load of University has been a little much for me and I just didn't prioritise my blog. However... I'm back! I wanted to start my blog again as a little distraction from my Uni work and dissertation, and I've definitely missed it.

I will carry on with my usual beauty posts next time however this time I wanted to share something a little different. So when browsing the Black Friday sales last November I stumbled across a British Airways sale. Me being the holiday fanatic I am decided to 'browse' and ended up being tempted to a weekend away in Paris with my boyfriend. We justified it as a Christmas present to each other but really we just couldn't wait to go away again. Plus Paris =Disneyland!

I'm not going to ramble about how great my holiday was, I'm just going to briefly talk through what we did if any of you plan to go to Paris and Disneyland.

So we landed on the Saturday, we were staying in the 'Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel' which is a Disney hotel. The hotel itself was so cute! Everywhere was circus themed, including the rooms. The room was spacious, had a bath and even had spare bunk beds as well as the double bed. By staying in a Disney hotel we were able to make use of the Disney shuttle which went between the hotels and the parks, so that's what we did Saturday. We were pretty tired after travelling so decided to stick to the Disney Village, which is free. We weren't expecting much with it being free but we were so surprised! So many nice restaurants, Disney shops and places to look round. We ended up going to Planet Hollywood which was GREAT and then just having an early night ready for exploring the next day.

Sunday was a day in Paris, yay! We got the train from the Disney train station which took us all the way into central Paris and only cost 15 euros each return. We didn't really have much of a game plan other than the bits of Paris we wanted to see. Us being the tourists we are planned to see Notre Dam, The Louvre, Arc De Triomphe and The Eiffel Tower. If you are up for walking it is possible to walk to all these places.  We started at Notre Dam, which was amazing. I'd suggest getting there early as we returned later in the day and it was a lot busier. We then walked to The Louvre. We didn't actually go in but was still good to see the pyramids and the gardens surrounding the area. We then wandered up Champs-Elysee towards the Arc De Triomphe. It was an amazing view and had we had more time we'd of definitely gone up in, particularly as it was free for people our age! We then walked to the Eiffel Tower. It was under maintenance so we weren't able to go to the top, but the view from the 2nd floor was still pretty spectacular. I would suggest booking in advance as we had no queues whatsoever, so would definitely recommend. We then went back to Notre Dam as around that area they had the nice little French restaurants. We found a lovely set menu and the French onion soup was deeeelicious.  Being pretty tired after this we headed back to our hotel, but we were both in agreement we'd love to go back. 

Disneyland! There was no doubt that this was what I was most excited for. I had been hinting to Ben about going to Disney for basically the duration of our relationship so it was safe to say I was excited.

We had a day at Disneyland and a day at Disney studios. With both of us supplied with a pair of Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears we were ready to go. Walking through the ticket gates towards Disney main street I was in heaven. I could hear the Disney music and see the castle in the distance, the inner child in me was definitely released that day. Straight away we went on the Buzz Lightyear laser ride and we got very competitive, although I admit defeat as I was terrible (lol). We went on all the rides we managed and hardly had to queue, that was definitely a benefit of going in the freezing cold. In the afternoon was the parade and I LOVED it. It gets pretty busy so if you want a good view I'd suggest getting there a bit before it starts. It was so magical. You're never too old to see all your favourite Disney characters dancing around you, so much nostalgia! The fireworks were another part of the day I would not miss. They illuminate the castle with scenes from your favourite Disney films, accompanied by music and fireworks. Honestly amazing! The next day was the Disney Studios. I would say there was less to do here but the rides which were there were definitely my favourites. Roc 'n' Rollercoaster, Hollywood tower of terror, Crush's coaster and the ratatouille ride were my personal favs. However my boyfriend loved the stunt show so that's something else I'd recommend. 

I've definitely rambled but I wanted to share what I've done and to get back into blogging again. Plus hopefully in a few years I'll look back and read posts like this. Hope you enjoyed!

Hannah x


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