Review: Kylie Lip Kit

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a nice day. I've been so excited to do this blog post, because as soon as I ordered my Kylie Lip Kit, I knew I wanted to do a review! If you haven't heard about these lip kits (which I'm sure you have) they're basically a range of liquid lipsticks and glosses by Kylie Jenner. There's a huge collection, however I could only justify buying one for the first time in case I didn't like it. I love the majority of the shades however I opted for 'Candy K'. 

I'm going to start off by talking about the packaging, as soon as it arrived in the post I knew it was my Lip Kit and this made me even more excited. It comes in a little box alongside a printed note and was in really good condition as I had hoped. I LOVE the packaging of the actual product and the box it comes in, it's something totally different to other products on the market. 

Firstly, the liner. This was smaller than I had anticipated in comparison to the MAC liners. However the formula was everything I had hoped for. The application is very smooth, therefore making it extremely easy to apply and leaving a gorgeous finish. In terms of colour, they are very pigmented so no need to build up on colour. You could definitely wear the lip liner on it's own, or I have paired it with other lipsticks in my collection as well as the Candy K lipstick. 

Now on to the liquid lipstick, eeee! Now I don't know about you but the scent of a lip product is always a factor for me, if they smell weird then it puts me off a little bit, but the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits smell SO good. It's a very sweet scent which I love. Again, like the lip liner, application is very easy so it's quite easy to get neat the first time around. The colour is very pigmented, and if I'm honest Candy K was a lot darker than I thought it would be; or maybe I'm just paler than I realised! When paired with the lip liner the lipstick didn't budge all day, despite eating and drinking so it's very matte. I was a bit concerned that being matte would mean the product being very drying but it definitely wasn't! My only criticism would be that you can't wear the lipstick without the liner all day and expect it to last, I tried this and it went patchy much to my disappointment.

Overall I do love my Lip Kit, however there are other liquid lipsticks on offer from other brands for much cheaper, the formula felt quite similar to the Bourjois matte lip sticks. Despite this, I would still be keen to try the glosses or maybe a more bold colour as opposed to a nude.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time,

Hannah xo


  1. The lip kit looks amazing on you!

  2. That colour looks beautiful on you! I don't have my own lip kit yet but I really want to try the Mary Jo K kit!

  3. I think I'm weird since I've never used nor searched for Kylie's lip products!! :D
    Mhhh the fact I couldn't wear the lipstick without the liner and the price stop me but Koko K is def something I consider cute among all the mattes and nudes ^-^
    Yes, it's true Candy K is very darker then in the officla pictures, so you're review is precious!
    Have a nice day!