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I was recently tagged by Steph to complete the Beauty Tag. I was so excited when I saw I had been tagged as I've never done a tag on my blog before so I was keen to take part! If you've not read Steph's post/blog I would definitely suggest going to have a look, her blog is so pretty and has some great content. So I'll leave a link here. I hope you enjoy this post and gives you some insight on the brands and products I'm loving.

Steph's questions.

Which beauty brand or product is worth the hype?
For this I would have to say NYX. When Boots started selling NYX online I was so excited. It's such an affordable brand but the quality is amazing, their products (especially the lip creams) last all day and have incredible pigmentation. NYX is also available in some stores around England now too. I stumbled across it when I went to Brighton and was so excited to swatch all their amazing products! I'll be doing a blog post on my favourite NYX products soon so keep an eye out, and if you've not tried this brand, I couldn't recommend it more.

Which beauty brand or product is not worth the hype?
This may be an unpopular opinion, but for me the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products aren't worth the hype. They're good, yeah. But, personally, I can achieve the exact same look for a fraction of the price using my Beauty UK brow kit which is my go to.

What kind of foundation coverage do you prefer?
This is such a difficult question for me as I switch up foundations all the time depending on the time of year and where I'm going. However, I would opt for a full coverage if I had to decide. I don't have bad skin, I just love to have a flawless finish which I can build my contour and the rest of my makeup on.

Which foundation is your favourite?
Like I said previously, I switch up all the time. Nevertheless I think Rimmel foundations are my favourite, I have tried most of the ones they offer and love them all. My favourite is the Lasting Finish 25 hour. The coverage is amazing and it lasts a long time; whether it's 25 hours I'm unsure, I'm yet to leave my foundation on for 25 hours! 

What type of product do you buy the most of?
For me this is a no brainer. I am obsessed with buying lipsticks. My collection is getting ridiculous now but I just can't resist! A new matte lipstick in shops? I have to try it. New colours? I'll be there... I can't help it !

Who is your beauty icon?
I wouldn't say she's my icon, but I love Kylie Jenner's look. I love how she's always switching up her hair style and colour and I am desperate to try her lip kits as I've heard very good things. Her makeup is always flawless.

Who is your favourite beauty blogger or YouTuber?
It has to be ViviannaDoesMakeup. I've been watching her since I first go into YouTube and I love her videos. She seems such a genuine person and her videos are so easy to watch. She gives amazing beauty tips as well as other videos, if you've not watched her videos I'd definitely head over to her channel!

Which do you apply first, foundation or concealer?
I'm going to give a really awkward answer haha. I apply concealer to my blemishes first, followed by foundation, and then concealer to brighten under my eyes etc.

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The questions to answer are...

What is your favourite high street makeup brand?
What is your favourite high end makeup brand?
One item of makeup you couldn't live without?
What's your go to makeup look?
Do you have a skincare routine?
What's the biggest makeup mistake you've made?
What's the most underrated makeup item you own?
Bright or nude lip? Matte or gloss?

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading this far, I thoroughly enjoyed that tag so thanks again Steph for tagging me. If I've tagged you let me know in the comments when you've done it, I would love to see your answer! Until next time,

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  1. Great answers! I'm glad you enjoyed the tag, thank you for the lovely things you said about my blog. I haven't yet tried any NYX products but their lip products are high on my wishlist! X
    Steph/Love Steph x

  2. I'm also obsessed with buying lipsticks & I agree that NYX is worth the hype! x


  3. NYX - what an amazing brand. Their lip lingerie liquid lipsticks are my favourite! Totally agree with you about the ABH brow products too!

    Laura x

  4. We are quite similar. I love lipsticks and a high coverage foundation as well. I'm a big fan of NYX as well:) x

    Elaine | Some Of My Favourite Things

  5. Finally done mine lovey!! Thanks again for the tag!

    here we go:

  6. Hey Hannah!

    I have finally answered your questions over on my blog! Thank you for tagging me!

    Here's the link!