Budget beauty by Collection!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're all having a lovely day. I know it's not been long since my last blog post, but I have been so excited to do the one I am today; that I couldn't wait any longer! You all know I love all things makeup, and if you are a constant reader of my blog, I assume you are too. I love trying new brands and new products, which is exactly what I did when putting together this post.

So I was rummaging through my makeup collection and I couldn't help but notice how many of my go to products were by the brand Collection. My favourite powder, eyeliner and concealer, all of which I use every day, were by the brand so I decided to give some of their other products a go. I headed to my local Superdrug and decided to stock up on a variety of products. I picked up their eyes uncovered eyeshadow palette, contour kit, illuminating touch foundation, eyeshadow stick,  bronze glow bronzer, and two lip products. In doing so, I decided to create a full face of makeup using just Collection to see what they were like!


Lasting perfection concealer- I know this product is no stranger to the blogging world and it is definitely worth the hype. I use this product daily, it is so cheap, however the quality and coverage is perfect. It hides all blemishes and dark circles, and is honestly the best concealer I've tried.

Illuminating touch foundation- I was a bit apprehensive about this product as the price was so low in comparison to other foundations I've used, however I have to say I was really impressed! It is quite a full coverage foundation, however leaves the skin radiant and smooth. It was very easy to apply, and a little amount goes a long way. The staying power is okay, it lasted the majority of the day, however a few touch ups were needed, but for the price, AMAZING.

Pressed powder- Again, this is one of my go to products alongside Rimmel's so matte translucent powder. This is perfect for setting concealer to make it last all day. This product is also great value for the money so if you're looking for a cheap alternative powder, this is a great option.

Bronze shimmer- I used this as both a bronzer and highlight, however I have to admit, it is the only base product which slightly disappointed me due the pigmentation. It did, however, leave a slight shimmer which looked gorgeous in natural light, and again, is very inexpensive.

Contour Kit- EEEEE! I am so excited to have discovered this. I LOVE it! This kit gives a perfect, natural contour, and is perfect for those of you who like a powder contour. I now us this on a daily basis and it's replaced my Sleek powder contour! Amazing.


Eyeshadow Stick- I used this as an altenative to an eyeshadow primer and I loved it! The colour was pigmented, extremely creamy and so easy to apply. The pencil shape allows you to give precision if necessary an you get a lot of product for the price, I will be definitely be purchasing this in other colours, I imagine a pale colour would look beautiful on the inner corners of the eye!

Eyes Uncovered palette (Nude)- I had heard mixed reviews about this palette but I was impressed. It wont be replacing my Naked palettes any time soon, however it would be perfect to pack on holiday or in your handbag as it's small and light. I was really impressed with the colour pay off of this palette, as often high street eyeshadows can leave washy colour. However this looked great on top of the eyeshadow stick, and very easy to blend!

Fast Stroke eyeliner- This is my favourite collection product, and my favourite liquid eyeliner ever. I couldn't rave about this more. It's so easy to apply, lasts ALL day, and is a true black colour. And did I mention it's extremely affordable. There is no reason not to give this a try. I'll quickly mention the fact that I didn't use a collection mascara, as at this point I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on collection and other stuff... oops.


Cream puff lip cream- This is not what I'm wearing in the photo as the shade I bought was a bright pink colour which I wouldn't wear with the eye makeup I used. However I loved this. The scent is so yummy and, again, it's a really pigmented product. It's a matte formula, and although I agree it's matte, it's not as matte as other lip products I have tried. Yet, it is still a lovely formula.

Lasting Colour Lipstick (21, Rosewood)- Okay to start with I love the name (PLL fans out there!), but I also love the shade. It's a gorgeous dark nude which would look great with a tan. It's very moisturising, however the lasting power isn't amazing.

Overall I am SO impressed by collection, I have also got to mention their glitter eyeliners. These are perfect for using all over the lid for an amazing, dramatic, glittery eyeshadow look. I love the silver colour, it looks perfect for a grey smoky eye.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that you found it helpful! I am definitely keen to try more budget beauty brands to see what they have to offer, and if they compare to the Collection products I've tried. Let me know if there's any other products you think I should try and I will be sure to give them a go. Until next time,

Hannah xo


  1. What great budget beauty picks! I love the look of that contour kit - it seems like perfect travel option for contouring :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves