Review: Primark Beauty

Hi Everyone!

I want to start off by apologising for the lack of blog posts lately, I went home from University for the Easter holidays so was very busy, followed by a trip to Amsterdam; and to top it all off, my laptop has broken! But, anyway, I'm back now and very excited to do a review for you all.

I'm a big fan of Primark, I think their clothes are so reasonable and often go in there as they always keep up to date with the latest trends and seasons, however over the previous year or so I have noticed them introducing more and more makeup and beauty items so I was keen to give them a try. I admit, at first I was a bit apprehensive as being such a low price they can't be good, but then I decided to give them a go anyway, and if I didn't like them they didn't break the bank! Certain items I have always bought from primark such as their fake nails and makeup wipes, but I had never dabbled with the makeup.

The first thing I was keen to try were the matte lip crayons. I had heard good things about these products so I definitely wanted to try them. I opted for a dark plum shade and a nude colour. The first thing I thought when applying this product was how easy application was! The tip was thin enough for precision but thick enough to make it easy to fill in your lips. I adored the nude colour, it was so easy to wear and lasted longer than I expected. However an issue with these products is the formula. They say they have a matte finish, however in my experience they didn't go fully matte. That's not to say that it didn't look nice, however it did mean the darker colour was very prone to smudging and with such a dark colour it was obvious! The pigmentation was amazing however and the colours were beautiful. I would definitely recommend purchasing one of the nude ones, especially for the price. 

Next up was their eyebrow palette. This was only £2 but I thought the product looked perfect for my colouring so I was keen to give it a try. The compact included two powder brow colours, a brow wax, as well as tweezers and a small applicator. I have to say, I was SO impressed with this product. The pigmentation was amazing, it wasn't too much so that it gave the eyebrows a block effect however it was enough so that I could define and shape my brows. The brush included wasn't very good for using the powder, however it was perfect for the wax. I recently tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and personally, I preferred this product in terms of the finished appearance of the brows. For £2 I couldn't recommend this enough. 

 Finally, onto highlight. I actually picked up both their contour and highlight stick but the contour stick got left in the basket so I never got to try it, however I will definitely go back to give it a go. I have to admit, the highlighter was my only disappointment out of the products I have tried so far. It was a cream product however it felt very drying on the skin and did not suit my skin tone AT ALL. It was very silvery and stuck to the face a lot so did not give a natural glow. The price was only £1.50 so was the cheapest of the products, but I know other drugstore highlights for around that price which work a lot better. Despite this, the pigmentation was good and on the right skin tone it may look amazing!

And there you have it! I am aware there are a lot more beauty items available in Primark and I will eventually try more, I just didn't want to buy too many in case I didn't like any of them. Overall I'd say these products are great for the price and I am a lot more impressed than I anticipated! Let me know if you'd tried any others and were impressed and I'd love to give them a go. Until next time!

Hannah xo


  1. Great review! I also love Primark's clothes, homeware and accessories A LOT but I tend to avoid the makeup as it seems too cheap to be good but after reading this, and several other positive reviews, I may have to try some out for myself. :)

    Steph/Love Steph x

  2. I need to try some of the lip products especially, great review! - Amy

  3. Thank you for the great review! I like your blog, maybe you can visit my blog and follow me.
    x Selina

  4. This is such a great review. I really like the lip color, the pigmentation looks great on it. I would definitely try some out. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media:) x