My LUSH favourites!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all having a nice day. Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite Lush products. I am obsessed with Lush, and I can't help but buy at least one or two products every time I go in there; there's just something so satisfying about having a rainbow coloured bubble bath! Although I am not going to be including their special edition products, such as their Christmas range (which is my favourite fyi), I will be talking about my favourites which are always available to buy, yay!

So I am going to start off with bubble bars. These are the products I most frequently buy from Lush and are probably my favourite type of bath product. With these you basically crumble them under your running water and they create mountains of deliciously scented bubbles! I literally like every single one I've tried however I will only share my very favourites or this will be a VERY long blog post!

Rose Jam- This is called a bubbleroon, and is shaped as a macaroon which just looks so cute and quirky! When run under the water, the bath turns a pretty pink colour filled with bubbles. The product included shea butter so it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and smelling delicious. Primarily it smells like roses however includes other scents such as lemon so it's not too overpowering. Personally, I think it smells like some of the Cath Kidston products which I also love, so if you like them, you'd love this bubble bar!

Creamy Candy- This is definitely my favourite bubble bar in Lush, and if you love sweet scents and the Christmas Snow Fairy range, you'll love it too! Despite being one of Lush's cheapest products, the smell of this bubble bar is so strong; however not overpowering. Again, the bath turns pink, but it is made to smell like candy floss, and although I can't identify this scent, it honestly smells INCREDIBLE. This bubble bar also leaves your skin smooth, just like the majority of Lush products, and I love to use this alongside the Think Pink bath bomb. 

Brightside-  The final bubble bar I am going to mention is Brightside. If you're not so into sweet scents then this one may be more up your street. This products smells so citrusy and refreshing, and I think, orangey. It'll leave your bath bright orange, and I mean, Bright! I think this bubble bar feels a lot more cleansing and energising than the others mentioned, so is perfect for a morning bath. 

Next up... Bath bombs! When I first discovered Lush this is pretty much all I bought. They have so many different scented bath bombs, which all leave your bath a different combination of colours and scents, so there's endless choices. When I have a bath I have to have a load of bubbles so a combination of one of these and a small chunk of bubble bar is perfect, but I always put in my bath bomb first to make sure I see all of it's bright colours!

Sex Bomb- Perhaps one of Lush's more well known products, but it doesn't disappoint. This is again, a very floral scented product, but it isn't too overpowering or smell too musky. It turns the bath a mixture of pink and lilac and feels extremely nourishing to the skin. It is quite a large bath bomb so will be fizzing for a little while, but then again, more for your money!

The Experimenter- This was originally exclusive to the Lush on Oxford street, but I assume due to it's  popularity they now sell it everywhere and online. Although I don't LOVE the scent of this bath bomb, it has to be one of the most impressive when you pop it into the bath! The colours it gives out are insane, so bright and very instagramable (is that a word?). However I must admit, the colour of your bath after all the colours have merged isn't so attractive, but nevertheless this is still one of my favourite bath bombs. 

Twilight- The final bath bomb I am going to mention has to be this one, and I think this is my favourite bath bomb altogether. My favourite colours are pink and blue, and this gives a beautiful combination of them both! I cannot describe the scent, however it is so relaxing, and perfect for a pamper night when you just want to relax. It includes slight shimmer, so it looks so pretty in the bath. Would definitely recommend this if you have not tried it.

The Experimenter.


So there you have it! They're all my favourite bath products from Lush. I may also do a blog post on other products I love from there, such as my favourite treatments, shower products or soap, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this. Leave a comment below if there's any products you think I should try and I would love to give more a go. Bye for now,

Hannah xo


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