Naked 3 Palette Dupe

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well. Another beauty post today all about a gorgeous dupe which is a fraction of the price of the original, what's not to love? I have to admit I am obsessed with the Urban Decay naked palettes, I have them all except the original and I'm desperate to give it a go to complete my collection. However, it is hard to justify the price of each of the palettes which is why I was keen to try and find a dupe for at least one of the palettes.

There's several which I believe are gorgeous palettes for the price, sleek do amazing eyeshadow palettes as well as revolution, however the one I've been loving is by W7 cosmetics. I had never tried this brand previously but they do several different eyeshadow palettes depending what kind of colours you prefer. The palette 'In The Nude' is my favourite and is a perfect dupe for Naked 3. It consists of gorgeous natural shades which are perfect for an everyday look. However it also includes a few darker colours if you want add a bit more depth and definition to your eye look. Just like the Naked 3 palette the majority of the shades are pinky tones, but I think these look amazing with most colour eyes. When I wear pink toned colours I often get comments saying my eyes look bluer, so it must be good! I must admit the pigmentation of these eyeshadows isn't as good as the Urban Decay palettes however the colours are easily buildable so you can get there eventually, but this is to be expected when comparing a £9.99 palette to one which costs £38! The staying power is quite impressive and when using a primer they don't crease which makes for a gorgeous finish. As you can see from the picture below, both comparison (the bottom swatch being urban decay)the pigmentation of the Urban Decay palettes is significantly better in the lighter shades and the shimmer shows a lot more. However in the darker shades the pigmentation isn't much different so if you want a more dramatic eye look using darker shades the W7 is perfect.

Overall of course I prefer the Urban Decay palette, but if you don't want to pay high end prices I would definitely give a W7 palette a go. You can buy them online as well as in some high street shops such as Boots. If you prefer a less rosy palette W7 offer several different colour combinations so there's bound to be one you like!

Hannah xo


  1. I have both of these palettes and I couldn't agree more with everything you've mentioned! The W7 is good for the price but you can't be Urban Decay palettes! :) X

  2. I have the naked 3, but must say this palette looks so pretty!! (:

    Life in Pastel