DIY Galaxy Inspired nails!

During this post I'm going to be explaining how to recreate galaxy inspired nails. Whether it's because you want to try nail art yourself, or you don't want to pay out for a professional manicure, this style looks so professional and unique! You can use any colours you'd like, whether they are similar to give a subtle marbled look, or bold and bright colours to make a statement with your nails, this style works with all.

You will need:

  • 3 different coloured nail varnishes or more if you'd rather, it all depends on the desired look!
  • A toothpick or a small tool you could use instead.
  • A clear or sparkly top coat personally I prefer sparkly as it gives a gorgeous finish!

This method is really easy however may be quite time consuming so it's not one to do just before you leave. Start but removing the lids of all the nail varnishes, in order to get the marbled effect you'll need to work before the polish dries so this just makes it so much easier. Apply a couple of small blobs of each colour over your nail so the majority has polish applied, then grab your toothpick and gently blend each of the colours together until they're as blended as you want. I like to just do this slightly so the colours don't merge into one as this can lead to a weird finishing colour. That's basically it! Wait for them to dry before applying the top coat and ta da, a gorgeous new nail look!
I used Barry M nail varnishes as these are my personal favourite high street brand. They give a lasting finish as well as amazing colour pigmentation, for most colours you only need one coat.


  1. Love these! It's such a good idea to mix the colours on the nail - I always do it in a bowl of water and it's just so messy.